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Engage learners like customers and drive revenue by optimizing operations

Trusted by continuing education, workforce development, and other non-traditional divisions

How we help

Manage the entire student lifecycle and engage learners like customers at every step.

Destiny One’s ability to offer an “Amazon” experience really was the stand-out. The student experience—giving them the intuitive, seamless online registration process that they rightly expect—was our number-one consideration.

Mark Mrozinski | Assistant Vice President of Workforce Development and Executive Dean of Community Education, Harper College

If your student has a bad experience, that could cause them to leave the institution and go someplace else. Our system is much more user friendly, and we focus a lot of our attention and efforts on creating a positive student experience.

Bob Peterson | President and CEO of the Corporate College, Tri-C

There’s a nimbleness and flexibility that’s required in order to be able to turn programs around or pilot programs quickly and effectively and efficiently, and Destiny allows us the ability to do that. We can build a class, set it up and mobilize it very quickly whereas in the past we hadn’t been able to do that.

Lisa Barr | Director of Project Development in the Office of Global Initiatives and Extended Studies, CalArts

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